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Comparison is the thief of happiness

If you compare yourself to others you will always find someone you perceive to be better that you...

Pets Can Help with Management of Mental Health Conditions


Woman on a walk with her dogBuilding on previous research showing the positive effects pet ownership can have on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, a new study published in the journal BMC Psychiatry suggests pets can improve people’s management of diagnosed mental health conditions.

Pet Ownership as a Mental Health Self-Care Strategy

The study involved 54 semi-structured interviews with people diagnosed with a mental health condition. Twenty-five participants owned a pet.

Researchers asked participants who or what played the most helpful role in managing their mental health. Each participant could fill in a diagram consisting of three concentric circles to explain the importance of various people and things. People and things placed in the center circle were considered the most important.

From Blame to Responsibility: Taking Ownership of Your Problems

A wise man will not get angry at an insane person who wrongs him. This should be our attitude towards someone who wrongs us because of a lack of spiritual sensitivity and lack of good character. There is really no difference between a person who lacks sanity and a person who behaves improperly.

If you blame yourself, others, or circumstances for your conditions, you are resisting reality. This is a position from which you cannot create. Accept reality and take responsibility for your life. Empower yourself to create the life you want. If you need help or guidance, give me a call.

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Knitting Linked To Reducing Depression, Anxiety And Chronic Pain, Report Reveals

It is not just knitting, reading, singing, walking, exercise etc. e there are so many ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression why don't you give one a go.....

“There is an enormous amount of research showing that knitting has physical and mental health benefits, that it slows the onset of dementia, combats depression and distracts from chronic pain. It is an activity that can be continued into extreme old age,” the report revealed. “It is a sociable activity that helps overcome isolation and loneliness, too often a feature of old age. It is a skill that can continue when sight and strength are diminished.”



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